Let's Get Lost...

Distance: 3
Time: 25 minutes
Scene: Earlysville
Assessment: surprise evening jog with Gabe

Five more vacation days = wonderful + stir-crazy thing.


Merry Sun Christmas to you!

I don’t want to say it…but so far…this odd year…has been pretty great. I don’t want to jinx myself so we’ll leave it at that.

Meanwhile, I am so, so lucky and happy to live in an area where lounging every weekend at a vineyard is sort-of a requirement, if not a serious expectation. 

(So vineyards, cideries, breweries… I’ll take ‘em all).

We start ‘em young here (yes, that’s Mighty Quinn getting her snugs on).

It’s been a serious task bouncing from place to place to figure out which has the best wine, views, people, and drives. It’s a rough job, but I’m up for the challenge. Wanna join the party? Get to the 434 stat and we’ll show you how it’s done.

This fool will be 90 on Saturday! Shorty!

Ain’t nobody got time to keep a blog. Too busy turning 27 and all…

See! One PBR, two PBR, three PBR…ok, four. With a lime!

Also keeping occupied by booking a thousand Capitol appointments, learning how to ice skate, riding my bike, and getting interviewed in our fine local (free) paper looking like a fly lesbian lover with my girl MRR.

A brewery tour for Valentine’s Day? Obvious choice. 

Meanwhile, there have been many pins and peeks at a little something that looks like this: 

So what’s a girl to do? Get her chop on. 

Please ignore my disgusting mirror and know that this hair cut will probably turn out to be pretty sweet. I don’t think she took enough off the sides, so I might go back and get a little crazy, but right now I’m digging it. Once I learn how to faux-hawk, my life will be all for the better. 

Best perk of this new ‘do? Lots of fingers-running-through-the-hair moments. From cute beer boys to crazy friends and even my awkward boss (who I think immediately regretted running his fingers through these locks. It happened, and it was awesome).

Come play with me. It’s pretty grand over here.

Well… it’s here. My odd year is upon me and I must say that so far… ‘tis sweet! This morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, my espresso machine as working and I got a ton of flowers at work! Really, that’s all I need to make my world go round. 


I was also reunited with this little gem:


Plus, we went to Guadalajara for lunch and if that’s not $5 well spent, I don’t know what is. 


My birthday’s always a little up-in-the-air as to whether I’ll actually celebrate the day-of or not. In my early 20s (many, many moons ago!) people were typically too “preoccupied” with their lovers and smooches and hearts and flowers to be much fun on my big day. Now, everyone I know is old, withered, and married and they really don’t give a shit about spending time with their balls + chains. This is an awesome transformation! However, we are also boring and tired most of the time, so we decided to celebrate my odd year on Saturday night via this VIP invite:


If you weren’t on the list, you should get on there ASAP. People are leaving their children behind to attend this. It’s gonna be good, and if there’s one thing I know about this town it’s where to find a cheap PBR (i.e., anywhere). 

Also, last but certainly not least, Fooftown is being graced by the presence of the one and only Queen Caroline. Not to worry—she’s been doing big things up in Fancy Land (for example, saving important moments of American history like this on her TV):


Put on your party pants, people. Shit’s getting real. 

And oh, one last thing:


SQUEEE!!!!!! She is so cute. Party Cat rests so that she can party alll night long! Long may she rave. 

3 Cheers to the Odd Year, hip hip hooray!! 

Lazy Sunday

Vacation is so far gone and the “busy season” is upon us. Crazy hours at work and whacky weather made January fly by terrifyingly fast and there are only 11 days left until my birthday!! Insanity. This has been a wonderful year and although an odd year is upon me, I’m ready for 27. I think. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s been going down in my tiny amount of free time….


…followed by this:

…and many, many baked goods!

There was some wishful thinking for spring:

Some early-morning sun snuggles:

Oh. And this happened at work. Followed by champagne. I don’t know.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means nothing to me other than I’m craving buffalo wings and 7-layer dip (both of which I don’t have). I need to make food for the week, but Abita is in the perfect nook on my lap and my space heater is going like woah. The chance of me getting up at this point… very slim.

Gearing up for another busy week and getting excited to meet baby Quinn and run the Devil’s Backbone Mardi Gras 10K!

A little backyard witchcraft to get me ready for the week

With below-freezing temperatures, two space heaters roaring, and multiple layers of socks/hats/jackets INSIDE my house… I am ready for summer. Did you know we’re only 146 days from the official first day?? Don’t worry—I’ve go a countdown running. 


This was a crazy week of running around for the Inauguration, catching up on annoying work questions, and packing up everything for the Great Cubicle Swap of 2013.

My little devil party cat chilled in the Louisa wilderness while I was away, but yesterday… we were reunited! Even though she spent the first 5 hours hiding underneath the stairs, she finally came through and partied all night long, just like usual. Sigh. 

It’s weird to think that a tiny cat can make your house feel so different, but it really was sad to have her gone! I found myself looking for her in the morning and waiting to be attacked as I went from room to room. There was no one here to claw my furniture or knock over water bowls or make bird noises in the window. Thankfully, life is back on track and we’re on our usual weekend grind of purring, pouncing, and me being a bona-fide cat lady. 



It Goes a Little Something Like This…